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2003-12-23 | 5:56 p.m.
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One more thing...this morning, I had to go into the Recording Studio to ask Ozzie something (he's covering for Bob, since he's working days...and the guy who usually works days is covering for Bob at night)...and Bob was training with Stacy in the cube across the Bob says as I was walking out the Recording Studio, "Little Lupita, come here." And I said, "Yes? What's up?" And Stacy says, "You actually answer to that name?" And I said, "Why not? He answers to Bob." Anyway....then Bob says, "What time are you gonna wanna play with me?" (Meaning what time are we training today...but it sounded funny) And Tammy says, "That didn't sound right."

Anyway...just thought I'd put that in...Ozzie was laughing about that today...and when we were in the Quality Assurance room by ourselves....I told him, "Shoot, I could have said -- don't tempt me. I'll take the offer!"

But we both know I was just playing...... ;-p

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