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2003-12-22 | 5:15 p.m.
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So Bob (Jeremy) is here this I know I've already mentioned how good he looks...but let me just get it out of my system one last time...

This boy is HOT!!!

I actually had trouble breathing when he was sitting so close to me today...while I was training him...and I had to focus and make myself not lose my train of thought....

I tried to act cool and collected...hopefully it worked. :-)

I don't want him to know that I think he looks good...he's just gonna get a big head! If he doesn't already...

Anyway...I was talking to him this morning in the hallway...and I guess one of our Supervisors saw us...cause on my way out to lunch, she called me and said, "I saw you talking to that cute boy Jeremy today...isn't he just the cutest thing?" And I said, "Ummm...he's nice." And she said, "Well, I think you guys would make a cute couple. Let me hook you up." I just kind'a laughed and said, "No, Rebecca...that's okay."

She's funny....she's actually the one who hired me 3 years ago. And she's always like, "Joanne's such a cutie." She reminds me of a kindergarten teacher...sweet lady...

Anyway, I have to train him again tomorrow...and the rest of this week...It's only for an hour a day...but, MAN! It's gonna be so freakin' hard to focus! He just looks "D*mn!"

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