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2003-12-19 | 4:49 p.m.
<< Tired now....sleep later... >>


So tired today...I went out last night, after all...with my sissy and Chizzles...and now I'm paying dearly for it. :-(

It was alright...danced my a** off like usual...drank a few :-)...and met another salsa partner. Boy could dance! But I wasn't really interested in getting to know him outside of the dance floor.

So we found out who our Secret Santa is today...turns out it's the same girl who e-mailed me and asked me for my list. She completely threw me off! But she gave me lots of smell good stuff from Bath and Body today...and I absolutely WUV Bath and Body!

So, thank you Monica!

A little more than an hour to go...and I'm already counting down. I'm gonna crash as soon as I get home! tired...

But I never learn! Why do I never learn?! I should have known how crappy I was gonna feel today...

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