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2003-12-18 | 5:00 p.m.
<< Who's hungry? LOL... >>


I just got back about 30 minutes ago from watching "The Last Samurai"...that show was really good! It almost made me cry! Anyway, Karen bought us the tickets...and the whole team went...

I love team building activities! ;-p

Anyway....I got all these goodies from my Secret Santa...candles, and candies...I feel wuved!

Tonight...we're going to Despo's...I kind'a don't feel like going...but Beannie and Chizzles want to go to make up for their Thursday night last I guess...

But then Sandy and Cindy wants to go to Club Life tomorrow...and I sooo wanna go there, too...that way I can find that salsa partner and put on a good show! And if I go tonight...I just know I'll be too tired to even lift a finger tomorrow...

I guess we'll see...

I went with the girls and the kiddo's to Chili's last night...shared some of Cindy's pasta...and had a Pacific Blue Margarita...that did the relaxed me a little...

And then we went and rented "Old School" and watched it at Paula's...that movie's a trip! I think I'm gonna buy it... :-)

"Who's hungry, who's hungry, who's hungry?" -- Quote from the have to see it to know what I'm talkin' about. :-)

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