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2003-12-17 | 4:49 p.m.
<< Ran a muck... >>


I was off yesterday...had to turn in some notarized paperwork at the courthouse in downtown...over some ticket I got like 4 years ago...

Four freakin' years ago, and it barely got taken cared of now!!!

Don't ever get a ticket in sucks! As a matter of fact...don't ever get a ticket anywhere!

I took Chizzles with me...since, ya know...I don't like driving downtown by, there's lots of crazy people there...The court thing didn't take that long...probably just 30 minutes...

After that, we went and dropped by Beaner's...he was just sorting some bills...

Then, we went to the mall...we had to pick up Beannie at 6:15 from the Park' we just went there...

I bought this cute ass shirt that I'm gonna wear on Thursday (we're going to Despo's)...I bought this C.D. of Bow-wow's that I've been has "My Baby" in it and I looove that song...and I bought my Angels Divine since I ran out...And Chizzles bought me this purse I've been eyeing...she said it was for Christmas...and I told her she ruined my surprise! Then thanked her. :-)

We went to eat at the Food Court...had some Italian...laughed like I've never laughed before...and just had a good time!

J.P. called me last night (the last person I would have ever thought to call)...he wanted to know if Stefani had written some stuff on their board...and I told him, "To tell you the truth...I wouldn't know...cause I haven't talked to her since the day we left you guys." And I told him that I could ask her if he wants...and he said not to, cause she seems kind'a psycho...and he just said, "Well, I'm sorry to bother you...I just wanted to know if you knew anything. Someone from the studio just called me saying someone put some dumb stuff on there." And I said, "Well, what did it say?" And he said, "I don't know. I didn't read it. They just called me saying that this and that was on there and that they deleted it." And I said, "Well, if I knew anything...I'd tell you, I don't really care." And he said, "Alright then. Well, I'll talk to you later." And I just said, "Bye."

I'm going to be decent...but that's it! He was a huge jerk to me! I don't care who he is! I'm surprised he hasn't deleted my number from his phone yet...

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