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2003-12-14 | 10:28 p.m.
<< Screw you!!! >>


I HATE J.P.!!!!

As you can see...we just got done arguing right now.

For someone who I thought had a sense of humor...he sure can't take a freakin' joke!

Anyway...I ended up calling him - HUGE MISTAKE! I should've just listened to my original advice and left it alone.

Turns out he's mad because of how I left on Thursday. I told him I was just playin' (which, I really wasn't) and I guess he knew that.

He said, "No, you weren't."

Anyway...he also didn't like the little message I left for him on the forum. He "didn't think it was funny."

Oh, too f*ckin' well! Learn to take a f*ckin' joke, Mr. Hotshot! Just because all the other girls are gonna bow down to you and do everything you say, and kiss your a** doesn't mean I would!

Sorry if I got a little attitude with you...that's just the way I am...and I'm not going to treat you differently just because of what you do. Ask Eric! And I'm not going to change the way I play around with people just because you don't like it!

I thought you were cool...but I guess I thought wrong. I guess I just don't have that good intuition when it comes to people. I guess I found out who you really are from the very beginning...God just saved me the trouble of getting to know another ass!

As soon as we hung up...I got on his stupid message board and Edited my post...I just put "DELETE...DELETE...DELETE..." over and over again...and at the bottom I put "HAPPY NOW?!"

Screw him!!! I'm done meeting a** holes!

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