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2003-12-13 | 12:18 p.m.
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I did not do a d*mn thing last night! All day we were cleaning out the old garage...and today should be the last day of cleaning out the old house...

I'm so freakin' tired it's not even funny! I had to call Ozfest last night and tell him that I'm sorry, but I wasn't gonna be able to go to his party...I was just sooo tired! As soon as I got home, I just jumped in the shower, ate really on the computer for a little while...and watched the rest of "Bruce Almighty"...

Then I fell asleep...

And dreamt about Andrew...How weird. I wasn't even thinking about him...and then he just pops into my dreams. was just a dream. Nevermind that it was a nice dream. It was just a dream, regardless. And I'm pretty sure thousands of girls were dreaming the same dream on the same night...

A dream that would never come true...

Take Eric's advise, won't find what you're looking for on the road...whoever that comment was made should just take it.

Anyway...they captured Saddam today...and I feel relieved. Hopefully this whole war thing is over soon...before Richard has to go over there. I just want him to be safe. Always.

He's here this week, I think. Cindy told me. But no more...never again. Don't look back, Joanne. Those are just memories now. Leave it behind you. That's the only way you'll be happy.

Okay...I'm gonna go get ready now. Time to go to the other house and finish up the cleaning - Ugh!

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