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2003-12-10 | 5:07 p.m.
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Wednesday... I guess I have a few stuff to write about today...and I dunno...I guess I just have to live each day and go with the flow and see what happens...

Eric called me yesterday. I usually turn off my cell phone when I'm at work...and he ended up calling and leaving a message...and then he called my mom's house and left a message there as just said, "Hey, it's Eric. I'm just calling to let you know that we're gonna be in town this Thursday. I don't know exactly where we're playing, but it's gonna be over there. Hopefully we can meet up. I'll try calling you back later or I'll call your mom's to see if I can get a hold of you before then. Talk to you soon. Take care." On my mom's was a little bit more polite. It was cute! I ended up saving both messages. :-)

Anyway, I took a half day in the afternoon tomorrow so I'll be leaving at around 1 p.m. and then I took a half day in the morning on Friday so I won't get to work till 2 p.m. Hopefully everything works out. More than likely he'll call tomorrow as soon as he gets to the hotel and give leave me that number on my voicemail...I missed my sweetie!

Talked to Jimmy last young'un. He was being extra sweet. What am I supposed to do with this one?! We have a 3 year age difference! Is that too bad? He's 20...I'm 23...I dunno. I feel so iffy about that one. But he was asking me when I was gonna be his. I was dumbfounded! I did not know what to say...I kept playing it off like I didn't know what he was talking about. I told him that he's just being dumb. And he said, "I'm not being dumb, I'm being serious." And I told him that I'm not Crystal. He said, "I never said you were. And I know you're not." Crystal's this girl that he "hooked up" with when we went to Fiesta back in April...where we met. Basically, she went into the room while he was watching t.v. and kicked everyone else out...and ya know what happened next. But she's a little drama mama. Anyway...she's all inlove with him. And she really wants to be with him, but I guess he doesn't feel the same way.

I said it's up to him to try to get to know me better...and he said, "It's not ALL up to me, is it?" And I said, "Well, no...but still." And he said, "Okay, then...I asked. Now it's up to you to tell me yes or no or when." And I said, "Fine, then. I'll let you know when I've decided."

Ahhh....the pressure!

I know one thing...I'm not jumping into anything just because I'm hurting...or because I'm lonely...or because I need someone. If I need someone, I'll take a friend. But I'm not fixing to break anything...let alone a heart...maybe two...while I'm trying to figure myself out.

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