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2003-12-09 | 5:40 p.m.
<< Santa? >>


Today...I made my Secret Santa Wish List...I better get some pretty cool stuff! Hmmm...I wonder who my secwet santa is....I got a hint...but I don't know if the girl who told me actually told me the truth....I'm too curious for my own good!

Oh, and I talked to Esmer today...didn't realize how much I missed her! I haven't really "talked" to her in a while. It's all Luis' fault! Not to be bitter or anything...but it really is. She's too good for him....he's just a jerk. But...I guess love really is blind. It's been proven a fact one too many times.

We were talking about the guys...I told her they were in Miami...and that the "other" guys were gonna be here this Thursday. She said she's gonna try to come up with a plan to see if she can go. Hopefully she makes it.

Turns out Cindy might not be able to go, after all. Babysitting issues. Awww....and I so want her to go! She's fun! Still keeping my fingers crossed.

I hate making plans! Because every single time I make plans...something's bound to go wrong! It's a known fact already. ALWAYS.

Tonight...I'm gonna go get my passport. HOPEFULLY I'm able to do it tonight. It's just so damned far! And I absolutely HATE driving at nights when the road I'm driving in isn't too familiar....and the mix master definitely is not familiar to me! And I absolutely HATE construction sites!

Maybe I should just quit whining already...

But if I quit whining...there would be nothing else to talk about today...

So maybe I should just end this here and go home....


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