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2003-12-05 | 5:11 p.m.
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Thank goodness it's Friday! Not like I won't be "working" tomorrow, a sense...

We're supposed to clean up the old house tomorrow...what fun! (Note the tone of sarcasm...)

I'm picking up Beannie today right after work...probably look around the mall afterwards...and then we're supposed to watch the movie "Honey." It comes on today...and I can't wait! It looks really good on the's about Hip-Hop, Dance, and Love...My kind'a thang!

Tonight is chill parties. After the movies...I'll probably go rent some more movies and just relax...that sounds so inviting right now.

My young 'un called me today while I was at work. He's so tweet. But he's so young. :-) He's supposed to go to some wedding tomorrow...and I said, "Dang, what's up with everybody getting married all of a sudden?!" And he said, "Yup...we're next." I was like, "Oh, really?! I didn't know that!"...If only he was born 3 years earlier...that would have been all good! Maybe I'm just being a stickler...3 years difference...Hmmm....Nah, too young. :-)

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