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2003-12-05 | 5:18 p.m.
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I might have mentioned this already before...the guy who works the night shift...who I trained a few months back. Well, we kind'a have this verbal combat goin' sometimes...through e-mail. And a lot of our co-workers thinks it's "flirting" but's just fun! His ego and sarcasm challenges me (And his unnerving good looks and bootylicious body has nothing to do with it)...

He seems shy when you meet him at first...but trust me, he's not shy. That boy's got a few tricks up his sleeve...and by the time he's done with you...your head will be spinning...he just has that effect on women. I haven't met one yet here in my company who doesn't think he's absolutely included. But...of course...he will NEVER know that...

We kind'a have this nickname going for each other...I call him Bob...and he calls me Little Lupita...don't ask me just kind'a happened along the way...during one of our verbal spars...while he was here during those training's weird...and it'll be too long of a story to explain...and I myself don't quite understand how we got to calling each other that...'s our e-mail for today...

Subject: Just thought you should know...

Me (Sent Yesterday): Hey, Bob...Ozzie figured out the meaning to your name..."Big Ol' Brat!!!"....(Just Kidding!!!) :-p

Jeremy (Sent Last Night): Hmmmmm. That is very interesting Little Lupita. Im glad that you and Oz Fest have time to sit around and talk about me. I spend my time at work - WORKING!!! Santa is going to leave you and the Wizard of Oz coal in your stockings if you are not nicer to me. I hope that I am your secret Santa so that I can give you the new Kumbia Kids CD. HAHAHAHAH. Have a good weekend Loopy!

Me (Sent Today): Okay...if that's what you want people to believe...that you're actually "working" then I'll be nice enough to go along with you (wink). And I should think I'm only helping Santa out this Christmas by being mean to you. You're not on his favorite list, if you didn't know that already. And how nice of you to get me a new Kumbia Kings C.D. this Christmas! As soon as they come up with the new one, you'll be the first person I'll inform. :-)

Oh, and I hope that I'm your Secret Santa, too...that way I can get you a bigger cap for that head of yours. (ha, ha, ha)....

Don't miss us too much....and have a good weekend, Bob. :-)

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