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2003-11-25 | 5:01 p.m.
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Pete acts like a girl...I think he's the girl in this relationship...and you can't even call it a relationship because it's not! Do I sound mean? Yeah...I probably do...I've been told that I can be mean sometimes. But hey, just because I tell the truth doesn't mean I'm being mean. It's called being blunt.

So the whole drama yesterday with the supposed "ex" was all a hoax. There really was no ex...basically...there really was no drama. So why the lie? He said he wanted to "test" me. Test me?! What the hell for?! He said that everytime he called me, I would always let him go and say "I'll call you back" and I never he figured I had a man...and he thought making up some crazy story like he did would make me admit that I had a man. flash...did it never occur to this boy that maybe I just didn't want to talk? Plain and simple. Cindy said that she thinks he made up all that BS just so he could make me jealous and make me realize that I want him. it worked. It just made me realize that there's really nothing there. And I feel bad for being so mean...but what else can I do?

Okay...enough with the meanness..

The guys called me last night...well, Izzy did. They just got back from their show in Odessa yesterday. He called a little after 12...and I was already sleeping. Why do they always do that?! Just because they're vampires! :-) He was like, "I was gonna go buy some movies. Wanna come watch them with us?" I said, "Boy, you're crazy! I'm already in my pajamas and my contacts are already off." And he said, "That's okay. We'll go pick you up.", thanks...I looked like crap. :-) He said that it was just "J" (I guess that meant J.B.?), him, and Roy there at the time. I dunno where the rest were at...and I had a particular somebody in mind...but I did not DARE ask!

Anyway, I told him for all of us to go out for drinks at Humperdinks I guess we'll see. He said to call them when I get off work. I was gonna ask if they wanted to go to Hooters for Wing Night and then to Have a Nice Day tomorrow since we're off on Thursday (yay!)...but he said that he was leaving for Brownsville on Wednesday morning to spend time with his family...I dunno about the rest, though...where they will be at. Probably go back home to spend the holidays with their families as well. I know with their profession...they're hardly able to do that...and that's gotta suck.

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