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2003-11-19 | 5:34 p.m.
<< 5 more days... >>


We've counted...and we have 5 more days...5 more gruesome days and then our call taking days will be over (hopefully)...and I can't wait!

I can honestly say I can't wait till I start doing my normal job functions...and...I certainly can't wait till I get that bonus on my check in 2 weeks...

I'll have to be careful about my spending habits, though...cause I still have that cruise coming up...

Anyway...the guys called my cell again last night...but I was downstairs and I don't get good signal on my phone I missed their call...and I didn't call back, because I was being too lazy...calling back would have to mean going all the way upstairs so I can get signal...and I was sooo comfy on the couch downstairs with this furry blanket I had over me...

So maybe I'll just call them back today...I saw on the internet that they'll be in San Antonio I'll have to call back today, cause I wouldn't want to be bugging tomorrow when they're busy... plans for tonight...really. I haven't even been feeling like going anywhere lately...just hanging out at home and relaxing. I've just been so tired! I think this whole call-taking thing is eating up all my energy...

I've become engrossed in this's so sweet...I've been reading it in between calls...during slow periods...and maybe I'll just read the rest of it and see how it will end tonight. :-)

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