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2003-11-16 | 4:20 p.m.
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Last night was okay, I guess. Adolf called my cell...turns out the guys live here Duncanville. So that's cool, I guess. I told him, "So how long have you been staying here that you just barely called me now?" And he said, "Just a few days." So I said, "Oh, okay...then you're forgiven."

Anyway, I got a little too drunk...I need to quit doing that. I was feeling really good by the end of the night, and probably making a fool of myself...AGAIN! We went to some pool hall and just hung out...with some guys that we used to party with...played pool (well, they did) and drank. And then we went to some girl's house for an afterparty...we didn't stay there long, though. And then we went to the guys' house in Duncanville. They went to Despo' we just met up afterwards. Well, when we was just Izzy and Adolf that were there...oh, and Sammy. And some girls. But all their music equipment were there...and a bunch of luggages...

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