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2003-11-13 | 5:16 p.m.
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*Yawn*...tired now...I'm so ready to go home....45 more minutes...

I'll probably just chill tonight and watch some movies. Pete asked what I was doing today...I think he wants to go for drinks, but I'm really not in the mood for it right now...

So, Cindy might just come over and we can make some Fetuccine at home and watch some movies...chill out...relax. That sounds really nice to me right now.

She went to Mary's yesterday to find out what Michael's address is...because Richard's been wanting to know. After all, they are bestfriends...even after everything...and I'm glad that in the end, they still see each other that way. Anyway, I guess Michael must have called Mary and she gave him her cell number, cause he called last night and today again. He's in Iraq right now. He's married...has 2 kids. Weird how things turn out, right.

Him and Richard...the only two guys I have really good memories with...they treated me like a princess (Okay, Eric too). Of course, Michael cheated on me and that's why we broke up...and that's when I started turning to Richard...he seemed to always be there when I needed a good cry...and we fell inlove, I guess...and that's when they stopped being friends...because Michael soon realized how much he screwed up and wanted me back...but then it was too late.

So that's the story. They stopped being friends for about 2 years...and then started talking again...but I guess it never was the same after that.

After Richard and I broke up...Michael started calling me again a year after...trying to get me back. But Richard got mad at him. And in my mind, I'm like, "Why?! You're the one who broke my heart...and now you're getting mad because he wants to fix it?!" But I never took his offer....I just pushed him away, just like I did the rest....just like I'm doing with the others right now...because I want someone who doesn't want me anymore.

Anyway, I told Cindy to tell him "hi" and she said that he started laughing and told her to tell me "Chipmunk." That made me smile....because it made me think of the old times. He used to call me his little chipmunk...cause he said I sounded like one. Okay, whatever. :-) Anyway...I still have this journal I've had for years...I kept track of it from 9th grade through my senior year, I guess...and he has some entries in there...they're really sweet. There's this one that really stands's on the front page of my journal...I'll have to put it on here sometime....

Hmmmm...One of my things to remember....

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