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2003-11-11 | 12:14 a.m.
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"May 19, 1999

....I gave you so much of me, I poured all my love into you, but still it's not enough. What could I do to make you happy? Still, no matter how much I try, I guess I can't. I guess I can't make you happy anymore like I used to. I'm starting to realize how much things have changed. You're not the same. I can't help but remember every past, every memory we shared together. I try not to, just to save myself from this stabbing pain in my heart. But all these memories just keep on repeating themselves in my mind - and it hurts so much knowing that it's all behind us, and nothing I could do could ever bring it back to how it used to be. No matter how much I wish. Now I realized that it's just time for me to accept the truth and just let you go. The guy I fell for has been gone a long time ago. I just never noticed him slowly slipping away. I guess I just didn't see it coming. I always pictured us staying together. I always included you in my plans, in my dreams. But sometimes - well, many times things never go the way you picture them to be. I know that now. And as hard as it is for me to do, I'm trying to accept it. I guess it's just hard to let go of something you're so used to. You were my best friend. I told you everything. I cried to you, I depended on you. But I guess that was the problem. I just needed you way too much. I just held on to you too tight. Now I have to learn how to live my life by myself - without you. No matter how hard it is for me, I know I have to do this - for both of us. So here I am, letting you go. I'm setting you free. I love you so much, that's why I'm doing this. Remember that song, "When I Dream About You"? Well, "when you love someone, you gotta learn to let them go." This is what I'm doing. Who knows, maybe if we're really meant to be - someday we might get it back to how it used to be. Right now, though, I won't get my hopes up too high. It hurts too much to get disappointed, specially if it's something as important as this. So it's your choice now. I'm leaving everything up to you. I just hope everything works out for the best between us. I'll just leave it all up to God's hands. Maybe he can straighten out all these confused minds. So, once again, take care. And thanks for all the memories. I hope you know that I will never forget them..."

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