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2003-11-09 | 11:12 p.m.
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"October 16, 1998

.....Excitement filled the air as the students entered the decorated school with their flashy attires. It was homecoming and many showed their school spirit through their mums and garters. Bells jiggled as if already ringing for victory. And there I was, getting caught up in all the excitement - wanting to be a part of it for this was my senior year. Although events such as these never mattered much before, somehow knowing that this is my final year changes the whole perspective. So eventhough my boyfriend did not go to South Grand Prairie High, he bought me my mum and I ordered his garter. This was the day I've been looking forward to. For the first time, I was to go to the football game with my boyfriend. Many times I've gone with my friends but I wanted so much to share this night with him. I wanted to share the excitement with him. I thought it would be perfect. Or so I thought! As it turned out he wasn't able to go at the last minute. Right then I knew this night was somehow manipulated by someone who wanted to ruin it for me - for us. A hunch told me his step-sister had everything to do with it. All of a sudden my heart felt heavy. It was as if disappointment was weighing it down. Tears flowed continuously from my eyes and hatred swelled inside my heart. The night, I thought, would never get better. But life is full of suprises and later on that night, there he was on my front door (outside my window, really :-) ) with a rose in his hand. Suddenly, all was forgiven and everything else was forgotten except for this boy with a smile on his lips, gentleness in his eyes, and a rose in his hand..."

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