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2003-11-11 | 12:00 a.m.
<< Dr. Seuss' Oh, the places I will go! >>

"May 14, 1999

...Oh, the places I'll go! It's not too long now, the waiting is almost over. Soon Graduation will come. A chapter of this life has come to an end, but now it's time to begin another. It's time to choose that path of life - the path that will lead me to success and complete happiness. I know it won't be easy, for there will always be barriers and rocky paths. At times I'll have to cross over oceans and climb high mountains to reach my dreams. And yes, I am aware that I won't always be able to see the path ahead of me - sometimes it will be too dark and scary to go on. But always know that I will go on. I will always keep on walking through my path. I will always keep on climbing and crossing barriers to reach my dreams. Know that I will not let myself fail - no matter how close I come to it. And as I close this chapter of my life and start anew, as I begin to follow another pathway in my life, I can already imagine all the places I will go..."

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