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2003-11-07 | 5:35 p.m.
<< The dream... >>


Today's almost done...thank goodness!

Now I'm just relaxing...going through some thoughts...

Something else hit me when I was e-mailing Cindy...a huge part of "the dream" that left me waking up really lonely...

It was when "she" came while I was with him...she held up her hand and said, "Look who's wearing the ring, sweetie." And I was so hurt...and I told her, "You may have the ring...but you can never have his heart."

And I know...even if that was just a dream...that it's all true. I know he's not the same with her as he was with me...and that's a little comforting to know. Beannie said that I had the best of him...and the truth is...I honestly believe that.

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