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2003-10-31 | 5:34 p.m.
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I'm soooo ready for the weekend, it's not even funny. They had us taking calls today - AGAIN - and it's really starting to irritate me. Randy's supposed to be in town from Denver next maybe we can give him a piece of our mind. He said that he'll talk to Gail about not making this a habit. After all, that's NOT our department! Hopefully he does as he says....if not, I'm really serious about looking for another job.

It's my brother's birthday today...and I think we're going to have dinner somewhere tonight. But I wanna go with Beannie to take PJ trick or treating first. He's so cute! He's gonna be dressed as one of the characters from Monsters, Inc. little man! We're probably gonna go take him with Cindy and the kids in Cedar Hill...and I already know that's going to bring back A LOT of memories. When I was in High School...with Richard...when we used to take his step-bro's and sister trick or treating...this little haunted house we all went he used to always hold my hand and call me "baby." I miss him. A lot. And I don't know why I love him so much...or that I can't seem to stop loving him. Can't it just go away?!

Anyway...this weird thing happened last night. I was in my room....and I started feeling all down and depressed...and all of a sudden, I just couldn't help it...I cried. Tears just started falling and I couldn't control myself. That seems to be happening a lot to me lately. On my way home...I felt like a walking zombie. I felt cold...and heavy....then the tears came. And while I was phone rang...and it was Nelson. He asked what I was doing and I just played it off and told him that I was watching t.v. He asked if I was still stopping by to pick up the cruise money...and I told him yeah...that I'll be there in a little bit.

I needed to divert my attention to something else. So I went. I was a very good girl, by the way. Just to set the records straight.

I told Cindy and Beannie that I got enough last weekend to last me till my cruise. :-)

Anyway, when I went...his friends (U-huh...girls) kept calling him...wanting him to go to the clubs with them. And I knew he wanted to just cancel everything and stay we can hang out. But I didn't want him to. I didn't want to get tempted (specially since I'm feeling down in the dumps...I'm more likely to give in to temptation) I told him to call Mario so he can actually have a "guy" to go with. And I told him I had to stop by Esmer's, anyway so that I can pick up her cruise money. So we just hung out for a little bit...watching some t.v....he got a new S.U.V. (traded in his del sol for it...but he still has his Accord) and he showed it to me in his garage...really nice.

He started changing into something to wear...and he would ask me what looked nice on him and stuff (basically, everything did)...he's just so damned hot! He would change shirts in front of me...and I would try to look away...I can't see that chiseled body right now. And his eyes...they're like a really light shade of brown...they're almost green. So give me props...I behaved. Plus...the whole Richard and last weekend thing was still way too I think I'm gonna behave till my cruise in January.

Hmmmmmm...can I actually wait that long? I guess only time will tell. :-)

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