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2003-10-30 | 1:40 p.m.
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Thursday... it Friday yet?!

This morning has been EXTREMELY busy for me!!! Had to take calls AGAIN! But hopefully today would be the last I said, old people should NOT have voicemail! It's too complicated for them...and they can't hear worth shit.

Anyway, the people who went to the meeting are back we get to take a break! Yay! The company bought us pizza...I just had some...went for a walk around the campus afterwards (to burn off some calories)...and now I'm just chillin'.

We went to Hooter's last night for Wing Night. We went to the one in was Cindy, me, Paula, Sandy, and Xochie. There were these guys who were sitting at the table across from me...they just kept staring! I hate people with staring problems...It makes me feel uneasy. Anyway, they had the waitress give me their number on a napkin after they left. She came up to me and said, "Those gentlemen wanted me to give you this. But you probably think they're losers and just want me to throw this away?" I started laughing and said "Yeah." Anyway, we watched a little bit of the Mavs game...then went and used Sal's restroom...and went home.

I sent Richard a text message before I went to bed (I know...I know...I shouldn't have! But I couldn't help it)...I put "I know you miss me. ;-p"...and this morning, he replied and put "You know I do."

Why is it so hard to let go?!!! Why is it sooo freakin' hard to forget about him?! Man...I need to get over this already...and it's so hard!

I have more to say...but I need to get some work done...

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