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2003-10-29 | 5:38 p.m.
<< Ugh! >>


Old people should NOT have voicemail!!! They don't get the concept...they can't hear all that well...and they're better off without it. Why can't SBC seet that?! But's all about making the matter who they get it from. Poor old people...I guess when you get older and you know that you can't do as much as you used just get grouchy.

As you can tell...this whole call-taking thing is starting to get to me. Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely HATE taking calls?! No patience at all. But I fake it so well!!! If you heard me on the would think I was the sweetest person ever! At least they can't read what's in my head...

Anyway, we ended up going out last night. Cindy, Beannie, and I. First, we went to Dave and Buster's...but it was too packed and I was getting frustrated cause we couldn't find a table. So we just left and went to Humperdink's. It was pretty fun. I had some Cherry Vodka Sour's and some Potato Skins...MmmmmMmmmm....someone bought me a drink...but I don't know who it was...LOL. Some waitress handed it to I took it. Can't let good alcohol go to waste! :-)

I was talking to Cindy last night...and I told her that I don't know why he's marrying her. I KNOW he doesn't love her! But I think it's because he's so far into it already....the dresses...the ballroom...invitations...the works...that he's just a wimp not to back out. But you know what? Let him do what he wants and learn from his mistake. If he really loved her...he wouldn't have cheated on her in the first place. If he really loved her...he wouldn't have left her. I know him...but I guess he's just too stubborn to admit it.

I was also telling Cindy...that I don't think I was going to be able to handle being stuck in a room, anyway. I mean...he's jealous! He's always been jealous with me. Like this weekend...we stayed in his room all weekend...and his friends would knock on the door...and he wouldn't even open it. And I know it's because he gets jealous. But with her...he doesn't even call her. Cindy and Beannie said that the reason why he's with her is probably because he got tired of being jealous all the time...that's why he's with her. Because she's nothing to be jealous over.

He's always talking about the wives that the soldiers leave behind when they get sent overseas....and how other soldiers try to hit on them...or how their wives leave them while they're at war. He has abandonment issues. And I think he's scared of that happening to him. And with her...he can be rest assured that she's not going anywhere. Or no one would want to hit on her.

Okay...I need to shrug this off already. Forget and move on!!! Get over it! Quit trying to wish everything was different. Quit trying to wish you can change things. Quit trying to make him feel something that he doesn't feel....or refuse to feel.

Just quit it already....

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