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2003-10-28 | 5:37 p.m.
<< Calls...calls....calls.... >>

Tuesday... SUCKED!

They had us taking calls...can you imagine?!

I haven't even taken a call in years! Anyway, I started to get the hang of it after a while...but it still sucked. I'm past taking calls! I don't think I have the patience for it, anymore. They said it's just for today and tomorrow...just to get service level caught up for the meeting on I guess It won't be so bad. But if they make this a habit...I might have to start looking for another job...and I mean it!

Anyway, I have to pick up Cindy and Beannie from work today. Cindy's car broke down on her - AGAIN! Poor Cindy Pooh...and Esmer sent me an e-mail...asking if I wanted to go with her somewhere tonight...where it's free food...and free drinks...Are you kidding?! Of course I want to go! It's FREE! (So I'm cheap! Sue me!)...

Nelson called a few times last night acting all sweet...I'm like, what the hell is that about?! His first call was when I was driving home from Kansas...he would call me "sweetheart" and "sweetie"....Hmmm...pretty weird.

Anyway, the last payment for this cruise is on Friday (Yay!)...I can't wait. I really need a Vacation...and January just can't come soon enough!

I need to get away for a little bit...Dammit...I need a drink!

And I'm almost outta maybe I'll get one! Or maybe...I'll get just a little bit more than that... :-)

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