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2003-10-28 | 5:15 p.m.
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Here I am at work...with all these thoughts running through my head...and I feel like I should just go ahead and let you know everything...after all, I may never get the chance again. I probably should have done it while I was over there, but it hurt too much to even speak.

Anyway, I went there this weekend to get some answers...and that's what I got. I think that was the final draw to finally let you go. You're starting your life with someone else. She has the ring...she has your heart. And me...I'm just your past now. The truth hurts...but I have to accept that.

When I told you that I just want you to be happy, I meant it. So if it means being with her...I'll accept that. I'll move on....maybe I should have done it years ago...but silly me has always had this hope. Now it's time to finally let that hope rest. It's never gonna happen. And this weekend made me realize that.

Just one more question for you to think about. If you really love her...what were you doing with me? Why did it feel so right? Maybe I was the only one who felt that if you feel that you don't have any feelings for me anymore, I can accept that, too. But I know you, Richard. If you really loved wouldn't even have left in the first place to get away from everything. Because that would mean getting away from her, too. You wouldn't have left her. You wouldn't have cheated on her. Because when we were together, it was a pain even just trying to get you to go out of town without me. Because you said you'd miss me too much. When you were with me...I KNOW FOR A FACT that you were always faithfull...except for that one time..and YOU told me about it. But maybe things change. Maybe your love for her's different. But if it is, I'm glad I got to experience our kind of love...I'm glad you loved me the way you did.

This weekend made me realize how much I missed you. After all this time, being with you still feels so right. It's like we belong together. But I guess it's just me. So I'm going to be brave....I'm going to move on starting right now...and I'm going to wish for your happiness.

I love you. Don't you ever forget that. Thanks for everything. Be careful...and I hope you know that I'll never forget everything that happened between us.

And this time....when I say I'm letting you go...I mean it. No more hopes, Richard. This is it. Just promise me that when you walk down that aisle...that you know she's the one...that you're not making a mistake...and that you'll be happy. Because that's all I want for you.

Your baby (always),


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