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2003-10-24 | 5:17 p.m.
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Here's Cindy's advise through our daily e-mails yesterday...I thought it was pretty good...I just have to remember it when I'm actually face to face with him...

Cindy: Hey, Stevie...Sal's cousin is having a Halloween costume party this saturday, you wanna go?

Me: Like this coming Saturday or next Saturday?!!!

Cindy: oh dumb!! nope it's this saturday....forgot you're leaving, dang I'm a have to porty without you!!

Me: Man!!! You suck!!! That's aight...I'mma have a party for two!LMAO!!!

Cindy: TMFI!!!!LOL...Have you talked to him?

Me: LOL...Just yesterday morning. I sent him a text message asking if he was mad at me...and he replied back saying that he's just been busy (U-huh...whatever). Anyway, he asked if I was still coming this weekend...and I told him yeah.

Cindy: well make sure you have a SERIOUS talk with him. Just a few things i feel I should tell you right now.

Don't take "I don't know" for an answer. If he sticks with an I don't know, that means "more then likely i am going to get married". If you see that he is playing and won't make up his mind or doesn't want to talk about it. More then likely he wants to avoid it so he won't have to give you an answer. All I'm saying is, Be prepared to let go! Remember, you shouldn't be #2. You shouldn't be the one bowing down before him and going out of your way to make him happy, when she is on a pedestal with a ring on her finger. You have to be strong!

So have that talk with him and if you feel that he didn't give you an answer or you didn't hear what you wanted to hear, then maybe you should just let go. Let him learn from his huge a** mistake and he will then see what he lost. If it's meant to be he will come back, you done tried to get him back, so if and when she sees he screwed up it will be his turn to try to get you back. Yes he's my brother and I would want to see you'll get married more then anything but he can't be playing games like that. He knows he doesn't love her and everyone has tried to make him see what she's about and he has seen what she's about, but if still wants to act dumb and go through with it, then there's not much we can do. But he will know that all of us tried to help him out. So if he doesn't make a choice then you be prepared to make your choice.

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