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2003-10-20 | 4:47 p.m.
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The weekend weather was extremely pretty...much like, when I should be out and about...reading a good book by the lake or something...anything besides being stuck in this room!

Anyway...enough complaining, I guess. A little over an hour more and I'm outta here, anyway.

My weekend was okay, I guess. Friday night I went out with the girls, as planned. We went to Humperdink's first and had some drinks with some of Esmer's co-workers. She called me up today and told me that the guy sitting across from me thought I was pretty and wanted to take me out. I told her, "Hold up! Isn't he married?" Yes...he is. What is it with these married men?! I told her no way. Anyway...after Humperdink's we went to Ninfa's and had a Pina Colada...those were pretty good. Richard started sending me text messages asking if I could come for the weekend. I told him I'll go next weekend, but he wasn't sure if he'll be working then. I was so tempted! But I couldn't. There was no way! I already had plans. I think he got mad...I haven't heard from him since Friday night...I guess we'll see. I told Cindy that I don't care how much I love him...jumping at his every call will just go against my "Girl Power Sense of Values." :-) Anyway, after Ninfa's we went to this club called "Tiki Bob's." It was okay. They played okay music. I had an okay time. Some guys were buying us drinks all night, so that was okay, too. The last two shots did it for me. I was buzzing extra hard by the time we left. And passed out on Esmer's couch as soon as I laid down.

Saturday, woke up at 8 (to Luis' cousin's extremely annoying cell phone)...Esmer and I went to get Silver Bullet's c.d. player his oil changed (major pampering for my baby)...and went home and slept. I slept all of my Saturday night away...I was tired!

Sunday...Cleaned the house (had all this burst of energy...maybe from all that sleep!)...cleaned my car....Not only does he have a new c.d. player, just got his oil changed, but he's fresh, clean, and he smells yummy! I put this Vanilla air freshener in it. And then Cindy and I went and got something to eat...and rented some movies and just watched movies last night.

Anyhow, I've been dreaming a lot about Richard lately...last night would have been the 2nd or 3rd night in a row...maybe because he's been on my mind lately. And this whole thing has got me buggin'. The whole idea of not knowing...this pain that I have to get ready for...because it may come at anytime. This hope that's still in me after all these years...this love that would never go away.

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