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2003-10-16 | 5:25 p.m.
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Cindy's dumb...she had me laughing today with her usual crazy e-mails. She knows I'm in a "screw the world" attitude right I guess she's just trying to lighten up my mood...Anyway, here's our conversation. I thought it was so funny...

Cindy: Mmmhhmmm, i think you have liearrhea.

Me: Whatcha talkin' about?! I'm not a dude!

I don't feel good, though...can I have 2 damitol's? (Take 2 pills and the whole world can go to hell for 8 hours) On second thought...give me the whole f*ckin' bottle!!!

Cindy: Oh damn, we have an emergency, Jo do you need a smirnoff??

Me: U-huh...PLEH! Hurry! Rush a six pack ova hurr!

Cindy: on it's way!!

Me: Don't forget the bottle of Damitol's!

Cindy: Oops, sorry, took the last one 30 minutes ago

Me: I hope you didn't drink the Smirnoff's, either!

Cindy: i meant smirnoff bottles ;o)

Me: Oh, hell nah! It's on, now! That's it! No more portying for you!!! You're grounded! No smirnoff's, no stripper's, and definitely no booty call for you for one whole week!

Cindy: Don't you think you're being a little too rough?? I lied there's one smirnoff left, you can have it all!!

Me: FINE! You can have the booty call!

Cindy: NO, i want the Smirnoff's!!

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