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2003-10-13 | 4:38 p.m.
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Okay�where should I start???

I guess with Friday...the less emotional day...

Friday afternoon...I just went to Chizzle�s and hung out with her and Natalia...I didn�t even get my oil change done...or get my c.d. player fixed! So basically, I took Friday off to goof around. I went to WallyWorld first to find out what the wait time is for the oil change...they said an hour and 45 minutes...and I just couldn�t wait that long by I went to Chizzle's cause she said she would help me take my car to get my c.d. player fixed...

On our way...I called Nelson to find out if there are any audio places I can go to to get it checked...and he said he can probably try to fix it for me and that he's at his Chizzle, Natalia, and I went over there...but the dork couldn't do it, after all. We stayed there a little and watched Cradle to the Grave and left...

I asked him what he was going to do that night and he said probably take some "dumb" girl to the haunted house. Okay...if she was "dumb"...why the hell would he take her anywhere in the first place?! He just irritates me sometimes...I just shrugged it off...non-committed relationship...remember? Anyway, let him do whatever he I said, I don't care...

I went to a car audio place after that to see if they can fix my c.d. player (since apparently no one else can)...and they told me I'll probably have to get the whole thing I looked around for some c.d. players and found this one really cool's silver...with a blue face...and all the buttons would light up blue...perfect for my Silver Bullet. :-) I told the guy I'll have to get it next Saturday since I was leaving out of town that night...and he said that's fine...he gave me his card...the total amount would be $210.00 installation included....I can't wait!

Anyway...after that we went to some Italian place and had some lasagna...and talked...and then I went home and packed and headed to Carmen and Ricardo's to get Cindy....cause she dropped off her car over there so her dad can get it fixed over the weekend...

For Saturday...See Next Page. :-)

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