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2003-10-08 | 5:42 p.m.
<< Broken Pieces of Hope... >>


I hate making plans...cause when you do...they never fall through!

Everybody bailed out the last I guess we're not going to Have a Nice Day, after all...I told Cindy we can still go to Hooter's, though...I'm hungry...and it's wing night! Yum!

I know I should go to kickboxing today...and I feel guilty...but I just sooo don't want to!

I told Cindy that I'll stop by her apartment as soon as I get off work...but I almost forgot that Smallville comes on today! So I might just go home first and record it and then leave to go to her apartment...can't miss my Superman! :-)

And then tomorrow, we're supposed to go to Desperado's...because Natalia's visiting from San Antonio..and Chizzles and I wanna take her out...

There's so much going on this many things to choose from!

I almost forgot that the TX-OU game is this weekend, as well...I just know that West End is gonna be super packed this weekend!

And if I go to Kansas...then I'll miss all of it...the chaos at the West End...partying with everybody...Eric...

And yet...I just feel like I have to go...straighten up all these confused emotions that is 3 years over due...

That way I can either move on with my life without this "what if" that's bugging me...or take up where we left off...

Till then I'm not keeping my hopes up...I can''s been stepped on and dragged and abused way too many's fragile...and if I keep it up...and it comes falling straight down...I'm afraid that I might never recover the broken pieces...

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