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2003-10-03 | 1:45 p.m.
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Last night was pretty know me...I'll have fun anywhere I go... :-)

I wasn't really planning on going anywhere...I just went with Cindy, Beannie, and the kiddo's for some Mescun at Los Lupes...they had a Mariachi was pretty cool...all I needed was the beach and a margarita...but of course, there's no beach in Grand Prairie...and I forgot my driver's license at I had to settle for the enchilada's...which were yummy...

When I got home...I just got on the computer and was checking my e-mails when Rufus called me and asked what I was gonna do for the's how the conversation went...

Rufus: Whatcha doing tonight?

Me: Nothing...probably just stay home. What are you doing tonight?

Rufus: I'm going to my frat party.

Me: Oh, for real? You suck! Who's all going?

Rufus: Me and You.

Me: Oh, for real? When do I need to be ready by?

Rufus: I'll pick you up in 30 minutes.

Me: Okay, bye.

So we some club called Tequila's in Fort was pretty fun...his ex ended up going with us, too...she's pretty cool...but you can tell she has jealousy tendencies...Wuf-wuf and I are just friends...and I think she knows that by now...

I danced with some cute guy...and a couple of non-cute ones I had to get rid of....

And for some reason Wuf-wuf wasn't having fun. I had to tell him not to be a party pooper...he said, "She's getting on my nerves." (he was talking about his ex) And I asked, "Why?" And he said, "Because she acts like we're still together and we're not." And I said, "So...don't be're here to have fun."

Anyway...everytime I would go to the bar...I would see some guys eyeing me...or someone would say, "Damn!" or some kind of comment like that...and I asked Beannie today, "What the hell do they see in me?!" Because I honestly don't see it...whatever it is...

It always makes me wonder...

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