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2003-09-26 | 3:30 p.m.
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Well, I ended up going out last night, after all. I really was going to just stay home, but then Laura called and told me about this Esmer and I went. The party was okay, I guess. I was pretty bored at first, but after a few margarita's I was having a pretty okay time. I've seen some people I used to go to High School with. And then we picked up Oscy-waskie and took him to the party with us, too. Afterwards, we just went to Rusty's and played pool...and then we went back to Esmer's to hang out and chill. And then I crashed out on her couch. The guys dragged me back out cause they didn't want me to crash...but then I kept whining so Oscar carried me back inside and I fell asleep. :-)

Anyway, Eric called me this morning. She already had his baby. He said he was born on September around 4 p.m....6 pounds and so ounces...22 inches long. He named him Eric Flores, Jr. I was happy for him. And he sounds pretty happy himself. Anyway, they're supposed to be in town on Oct. 12th for a concert...and he said he's gonna call me as soon as he gets in town. And when he does...I'm going to tell him that I'm always going to be here for him...and I'm always going to be his friend...but that's all it's gonna be. I deserve more...and I'm not fixing to settle for anything less. And I already know that he can't give me anything more than this. And this isn't what I want. Hopefully when the time comes, I'll be strong enough to actually say the words...

Anyway, I'm waiting on Cindy right now. We're supposed to go to the fair, but she's taking care of some school stuff first.

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