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2003-09-22 | 5:13 p.m.
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Monday...'s been another one of those crazy days...and I just know that the whole week is not going to be any different!

I'm just so tired. And I'm glad I only have about 15 minutes left till I go home. Esmer called and said that she's not going to Kickboxing Class today...and I feel like skipping, too. But I know I have to be tough. Besides, it's only for an hour. I guess we'll see.

Pete called today. He hasn't called since Thursday, and I guess that kind'a made me mad. And when he called today I asked, "Who's this?" And he just started laughing and said, "Oh, so it's like that?" And I said, "You made it like that." He said that he was trying to test me to see if I was going to call him, because it seems like he's the one who's always doing the calling. And I didn't. I told him that he said he was the one who was going to call back, so I wasn't going to bug and call him. And he said it doesn't work that way. Anyway, I still don't know about him. I was telling Jecille yesterday that I do like him, but then again I feel like I can't feel like I used to feel. It's weird, I know. And I confuse myself sometimes.

Anyway, as far as the party yesterday, it went pretty well. I was tired, but it was all worth it. Cause it was for my sissy. :-) I wuv her. We ate, and I rollerbladed with Chizzles, and talked to friends I haven't even seen in a while. Elena came with her kids. And just looking at her brings back memories from when we were kids. Back in middle school...all the way through high school. But then we just took different paths. We're so different now, it's hard to believe that she was my best friend when we were kids. It's hard to believe that we used to talk everyday and every night about anything you can possibly imagine. Now, it's a struggle trying to come up with something to talk to her about. It's sad when you think about it. But I guess that's just way things go. She has her own life now...her own family. While I, on the other hand...I'm still looking for that spark, I guess.

Anyway, we saw "Underworld" at the movies last night. We went a little after we got home from the Park. It was okay. It could have been better if the girl and the guy had more interaction with each other.

Okay...I guess I've rambled enough. I'm gonna go ahead and start closing down my files so I can leave! (Sigh) Finally!

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