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2003-09-22 | 11:00 a.m.
<< Beannie's Birthday Weekend... >>


I had such a busy weekend, it just completely drained me out...

And now I'm tired...and I wish it was Friday all over again... :-)

It was pretty cool...Friday night I didn't really do anything. I was supposed to go to Cindy's in my pajama's and make it a movie night, but I was too tired to even do that. So I just stayed home in my pajamas and watched "A Man Apart" and fell asleep early. Saturday, I woke up at about 8:30...chatted with my sissy for a little bit...changed into my work out clothes and went to the Master Bench Class at 9:15. Came home and had breakfast, cleaned, and then took Beannie to work and took care of PJ all day. I had to get ready and went to Wally World with Cindy to buy all the groceries for the Surprise Party for Sunday...went to the mall to look for something to wear for the night...went home and touched up...picked up Beannie from work...met up with everybody back at the house...changed into my outfit...and went to Deep Ellum to celebrate Beannie's birthday...

The beginning started out kind'a rough...with Beannie getting out late from work...and then Chizzles only being 20, so we had to look for a club that took 18 and up instead of 21 and up...and then Peter forgot his money so I had to loan him some...but then it turned out quite alright...

It reminded me of the past...all my girls and I...just out to have fun. We just danced and goofed around and drank and hung out...when the club closed we walked around Deep Ellum looking for our parking space and just "wooing" like we did in Fiesta so long ago...All the guys would just look and try to talk to us...saying things like, "Keep doing what you're doing..." It!

Chizzles, Cindy, and I went to Juan's afterwards. Cindy left right away because she was tired, but Chizzles and I stayed till like 6:30 in the morning...which really wasn't that long, considering we didn't get there till about 5...He lives out in the country...but it's really nice. You can't really see his house from the main street...just the mailbox, and then you have to turn into their driveway...which is really long...and then he has this huge neighbors...and his house. Perfect place for a party. :-) He has a horse, a pig, goats, and chickens. From his living room he has huge windows where you can see the garden outside with a swing. Really nice. Even the air was crisp and clean. I told Chizzles I wouldn't mind living in a place like that. It's really calming. Anyway, when we left from there we went to Jack in the Crack and then went back to my house and ate and chatted some more...and then I finally crashed out at about 8 in the morning...

I woke up at about 11 to Beannie chattering about the night before...and the smell of my mom's cooking downstairs...I was tired, but I knew I had a huge and busy day ahead of I dragged myself out of bed...hang over and everything.

Picked up the cake (pretending I had to drop off something at my uncle's so Beannie wouldn't come with me)...had breakfast...had Peter take Beannie to the mall so she wouldn't see all the commotion going on...went to Cindy's to pick up the groceries...prepared the stuff for the park...and gave Beannie her first surprise birthday party was nice.

Anyway...I have a lot more stuff to write about...but I have to get back to work now. :-) So I guess I'll just have to continue this in a little bit...

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