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2003-09-15 | 3:40 p.m.
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It's Monday AGAIN...and it feels like it should barely be Saturday! ;-p

My weekend was okay, I guess. It felt weird not having Pete call me all the time...and I guess if I really admit it to myself...I miss him. Maybe just a little. :-) He called at least once every day, though. And that was pretty nice. But I'm not going to expect it. I'm past expecting things out of people. I'm just going to start going with the flow and wait till things happen. Like E and I used to say, "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst."

Friday night, I was so tired I just fell asleep while watching Daredevil. I didn't even go to my Kickboxing class! But the main reason was because I was running late - Traffic and I had to pick up Beannie, and then we had to cash her check so she can pay the sitter, and then we had to pick up PJ from the sitter's. By the time I got all that done, it was about 7:15 and Kickboxing started at 6:45. BUT....I behaved the next day and went to class at 9:15 in the morning. :-)

Saturday afternoon, we just watched the fight at Chris'. The fight was a complete HOAX, by the way! My baby Oscar was supposed to win that one! There's no way Mosley could have won that! Even HE looked surprised when they announced the winner! And Foreman said, "You only SEE boxing, but you don't KNOW boxing." It was rigged all the way...and every one knew it. Anyway, we were supposed to go to some party in Ft. Worth, but it was too Cindy and I just went to Denny's cause we were hungry...and then we stopped by Mark's for a little bit. He kept throwing lines at me...and I would just look at him and say, "U-huh." What am I supposed to do?! Fall for them??? No way! Sometimes I would even just pretend I'm watching t.v. and ask questions just to throw them off. And Cindy would start laughing at me. Anyway, all in all I guess it was an Okay night.

Sunday was Bri's birthday...and I was running late, as usual. So I told Cindy to go ahead without us, because the kids were hungry and they wouldn't let them get a table unless all the parties were present. So I just had some Mescun with Beannie, Peter, and PJ. And then we just met up with them at the park afterwards to rollerblade and give Bri her present.

Fell asleep on the couch last night...went upstairs to my room at about 1:30 and found that Pete had called me and left a message...where his sentence started out with, "Hi beautiful...I'm just calling to say hi..." That made me smile a bit.

Anyway, that's the summary of my weekend. Nothing new, nothing extravagant. But it's mine. And that's all that counts. :-)

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