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2003-09-04 | 5:06 p.m.
<< What goes around comes around? >>


I wonder if it's true what they say..."What goes around comes around." I hope not...cause I've done some things that I'm not really that proud the whole Eric situation. But I had him first! Or did I? Was he with her the same time he was with me??? I dunno...he looked so sincere when he kept telling me how sorry he was for hurting me...and he kept bringing back old memories...making me remember...Oh, and I did. I remembered. How sweet it all was. I saw him on T.V. last night...they aired the Latin Grammy's on CBS at 8...and they performed. It was a quick performance, but enough to make my heart skip a beat...Sometimes I keep thinking how life has a weird way of turning out...and I've been wondering why he tried to contact me at all...I gave him my number and my e-mail address...but I'm not holding my breath for that phone call...or that e-mail. What for?! So I can keep getting disappointed?! Granted, he's a busy man...but he's also a family man. Well, he will be soon....a baby boy...A Junior...she gave him that. And that's something special. That's something she has that I don't....and because of that she will keep winning over and over. And my heart will keep getting stomped over and over...regardless of how much he misses me...or wants to be with me...she's always going to be ahead. And I don't want to mess with that. What for?! It's funny...cause I say that now, but then when he's right in front of me...I just want to live it by the moment. To have another memory stored...but I can't....I can't do that to her...I can't do that to myself...Remember, all I have is my pride...and that's something I can't lose.

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