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2003-09-02 | 12:11 p.m.
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A Poem for Eric....

I lay in bed and think of you � the memories we�ve shared

I remember how you looked at me and made me think you cared

Deep inside I knew � we�re just not meant to be

But deep inside I also hoped that you were meant for me�.

And so I lay alone tonight, with both my eyes shut close

And I try to block that one sweet night, when you handed me a rose

I remember how you held me close as we danced through out the night

Do you remember how I took care of you and held you oh, so tight?

And so my memories travel back when we talked the day away

We fed the birds, looked out the beach � it was one perfect day

When it was time for me to go � it was hard to say good-bye

And as I saw you standing there, I let out one long sigh�

My mind again travels back when we walked along the shore

Through all those nights I spent with you, how I longed for something more

I remember when I spent the day, just cuddled in your arms

Oh how I felt so comfortable, I felt so safe and warm�

And every time I�m with you, I hate the times we�d part

For when I see you watch me leave, oh how it hurts my heart

And every time we kissed good-bye it hurt me deep inside

And every time I have to leave, this pain I try to hide.

Now my mind takes me back to all those sleepless nights

When I�d stay up, await your call � I�d hold my pillow tight

Those nights I wished you were with me, your voice so far away

But you always managed to make me laugh when I�ve had one rough day�

And all those nights I thought of you and hoped you were okay

And at the end of every night, �Sleep with the Angels� you�d always say

And every night I closed my eyes, I followed your advice

For every night, I dreamt of you once I closed my eyes�

Now I sit here all alone, a longing in my heart

I knew someday the time would come when we would have to part

And as my memories take me back to that one painful night

Since that time you said good-bye, nothing else felt right�

You said you found somebody else � you needed someone near

You made me promise not to cry, for you�re not worth my tears

And as you looked deep in my eyes, I saw the past we shared

And as you held me one last time, I knew that you still cared

You gave me a piece of you to always remember by

And when you put it on my hand, I tried hard not to cry

You said, �I don�t want to lose you, don�t think this is the end.�

�For whatever future comes our way, I�ll always be your friend.�

I told you I had fun with you, that I have no regrets

And that I wanted nothing else ever since we met

I hope you know you�ll always have a place inside my heart

It�s just sad to know that distance is what kept us apart

So for now I�ll let you go, your place is not with me

Go to her, she�s waiting � you�re not my destiny

I told you that I�m happy you found someone so near

To hug you and to love you, to say, �I�ll be right here.�

And as I lay here all alone, I ask what went so wrong?

And right then I knew the answer, we simply don�t belong

She had something I couldn�t give � distance and her time

And for that reason I realize is why you can�t be mine.

The time we shared was borrowed, something to keep inside

And as I said good-bye to you, my tears I tried to hide

I promised you won�t see me cry, I told you I was strong

It�s time for me to let you go - with her is where you belong

And as I held you one last time, all my love I send

And as you looked into my eyes, I said I understand

I told you I�ll be here for you, I�ll be here till the end

You�ll always have a place in here, I�ll always be your friend.

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