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2003-08-31 | 4:12 p.m.
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It's Labor Day and I'm off work. So I'm just here, being lazy on a rainy day...consumed with thoughts.

Last night was well...a surprise. I was just going about my business watching Lord of the Rings while my mom was checking her voicemail messages on the phone. She was telling us how my uncle had left 8 messages already because he wanted us to come for his birthday. And then she says, "There's a message from Eric." My heart started pounding as I asked her, "What Eric? MY Eric?" And she said "Yes." As I listened to his message...all thoughts just abandoned me but the thought that he actually called me..."Hi, Lita. This is Eric. I was trying to get a hold of Joanne. If you speak to her, can you please let her know that I'm in town? I'm leaving for Miami in the morning, but I'll be here the rest of the night....Comfort Suites...Room 255...take care..." I didn't know what to say, what to do...until finally I just dialed the number, asked the front desk to connect me with the room number, and heard his voice. He said they're just here for the night...leaving for the Latin Grammy's in the on. "Come see me and say hi," He said. And so I called E for moral support, got ready, and went...Esmer and I. As we neared the room, I heard someone singing from the hall...right then I knew it was him. He had just gotten out of the shower when he opened the door. We met his friend Tiko...talked for a little bit, and went to Cynthia's get together. We played "Waterfall" and went to Firehouse Grill when we ran out of alcohol. :-) Eric and I got a table on our own and just talked...about a lot of stuff. I told him that I've actually been thinking about him lately...wondering if he's okay. He said that he's been doing the same thing...and that he's been trying to get a hold of me. You know how he found my mom's number? Through the phone book! He looked me up in the freakin' phone book! And it's weird that he called me...after all this time...just when I was thinking about him. Weird how things turn out. He said he missed me a lot...and I told him I missed him, too. And was glad that he's okay. He's having a baby boy...and while I was really happy for him...a part of me was kind'a sad...sad that things didn't turn out like I hoped between us. He kept repeating over and over how sorry he was for hurting me. He would grab my hand and squeeze it tight. I told him that I'm over it now....which is partly true. He saw my bracelet...and was amazed that I still have it after all this time. He told me that he read the poem I posted for him on line. Esmer asked if it caused any issues...and he said no, he thought it was beautiful, and that he felt my pain. He said that he's sorry he rushed into things too fast...and if things were different, he wished he would have married me...but who knows how much of the truth that can never believe...I refuse to believe. Robbie was playing around with him saying how he wished he had a petite girl by his side, too...and Eric had replied, "But she's not just a girl...she's my soul mate." I wonder if that's just a line...or if he's actually speaking the truth. sweetie...still as sweet as can be. He was asking me this morning if I wanted breakfast...complimentary in the lobby...and that he'll fix me a plate if I wanted to. It was too early for heart felt stomach a mind confused. How the hell can I keep the breakfast down?! He kissed me good-bye at 8 o'clock this morning and went in the shuttle bus to head for the airport in time for their flight at to to the Latin Grammy' to his crazy life....and on Wednesday at 7, I'll be watching him on t.v. again...wondering if he's missing me as much as he claims he does.

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