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2003-08-29 | 3:54 p.m.
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Message to Heart...

I know you've been hurt way too many times...torn apart by broken promises. But you've gotta piece yourself back together and stay strong. Be on guard and don't believe everything you hear - no matter how beautiful they sound or how promising they seem to be. Words without actions are just words. Nothing more. I know you long to be comforted when you're scared...share your dreams with someone and have them listen wholeheartedly. I know you want to be hugged tightly and cuddled just because. I know you want your forehead to be kissed gently and your hands to be held when you need support. But you cannot get that from just anybody. Everbody else is not as willing to give themselves to you as you are to them. So in return, you've gotta learn to hold yourself back and remember that no matter how nice it would be to have these things...sometimes it is a lot simpler to just let it be. Learn to grow on your own. Do not depend on someone else to grow with you. Learn to be brave and face life by yourself. That will not be so scared when you have to face your struggles alone. Because in the're all you have and no one else. Learn to let go. Holding on will just give you grief. Holding tight when that person wants to be let go will just hurt your pride. And that's something you can't lose. Your pride, yourself...your heart. You're all you have. Don't you ever forget that.

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