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2003-08-27 | 12:08 p.m.
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I would have written yesterday, but they had this virus thing going around at work and they prohibited us from accessing the internet and made us close down our outlook....

It rained yesterday and I did not get home till almost SEVEN! And to think that I left work a little before 5:30! I was frustrated...and Pete called me while I was in the car...he was like, "What's wrong with you?" And I said, "I'm stuck in traffic!" And he just started laughing at me! That dork!

I stopped by Nelson's place after work on Monday to drop off the payment plan for the cruise...and he was all like "Your hair looks pretty that way." And I just said "thanks." Anyway...he was just like, "What are you doing tomorrow?" And I said I didn't know yet...he told me to call him and I said that the phone works bothways...and he said that he's tried to call me and I'm always busy...I never realized he saw it that way!

As far as Pete's concerned...I dunno. I get mixed signals from him sometimes. Like yesterday, I feel like he didn't want to talk to me cause he wouldn't call as much, but then he'd end up calling when I least expect him to, acting all dumb like usual. Maybe I'm just being paranoid...

I worked out last night...just cardio stuff cause my muscles were all achy and Beannie said that I shouldn't do weights when my muscles are sore cause it might mess them up. So I listened to little sister's advise and just did the stair master and the bike...But today's Kickboxing day! So we'll see how that goes...

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