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2003-08-27 | 4:15 p.m.
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Am I being too sensitive or paranoid when I get this weird feeling about a guy??? I dunno...I talked to Pete briefly today. He called this morning, but we didn't really talk for that long. He didn't play around that much, either. He said he was just calling to say hi. Usually I would have gotten like 3 phone calls from him already today....I don't know. I try not to let it bother me, though. I should be used to this already, right? I mean...c'mon...I have like the worst luck with guys. What makes me think this one will be any different??? Am I doomed or something? Do I have a curse? Maybe I just expect too much out of people...because no one can amount to how Richard treated me for 3 years. But then Beannie said that even Richard's not like that how can I expect someone else to be just like him? I know it's kind'a true...but I guess I just can't help but wish. And trust me, I've made like a thousand wishes already...and it still hasn't come true. I have no problem meeting problem at fact, I meet a bunch of them. But the problem is...they're never the right ones. Am I just attracted to the wrong guys??? I don't know...I've had sweet guys before...but I've always turned them down or broken their hearts. Sometimes I ask myself "what's wrong with me?" But I guess I just keep looking for that spark....and maybe I'll never find it...

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