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2003-08-25 | 4:59 p.m.
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Today would be my last day at Dillard's (and what a relief!!!). I'm almost off from work and on to the dreaded place to finish out my last day. Hopefully it flies by pretty fast. I'm sore from working out ALL weekend...but I'm sooo proud of myself! If only I could just keep this going. Let's hope that I have the willpower so that way I can be in perfect shape by the time this cruise comes around....

I talked to Steffie last night and she wanted me to hook her up with Nelson...LOL. That's my boy toy! No way! LOL...Then she goes "Well, you already have Andrew." (She probably said that because she saw how he fell asleep right next to me the night of the concert) But nope, Andrew's just my friend. No more musicians for me! Plus, I don't even really talk to him. Just when we go to their concert when they're in town. That's just a broken heart waiting to happen. And it's really not that Nelson and I have a thing going on right now...but I really don't want to hook him up with one of my friends. I've done that before before "we" hooked up...and it didn't end well. Bottom line is he used her, she fell for him....and then it was all over with. He dropped her...all an ugly situation that I really don't care to repeat. Plus, I would like to believe that we have this understanding...even if it is a non-committed thing...we still don't talk about other people in our lives...Well, you know...other people that we date. At least we haven't so far. Anyway, I'm off to my other job. I'm gonna go touch up and then I'm outta here. Till later!

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