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2003-08-12 | 4:28 p.m.
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Okay...I'm just here at work and I'm out in about an hour. I'm supposed to monitor some calls, but they're so freakin' boring! So I'll probably do it in a little bit. I trained this guy at work today cause we're giving him some of our work...and he works nights. Man, he is HOT! He looks really yummy. Every girl here says it, too...LOL. But nah, I'm not going for that. First and most important of all, I work with the guy! Plus, he might have a just never know. But he's a sweetie. Anyway, Nelson just called right now. I was supposed to go over there this past weekend and pick up the money for the cruise, but I've been sooo busy. So I told him I was gonna stop by tomorrow. He's another little hottie. But he's a player. And I know...I've already told you about him. Anyway, oh weekend. Friday, we just chilled at Cindy Pooh's and drank. We played some drinking games. It was funny. Let's see....who all was was Cindy, Me, Beannie, Laura, Melissa, Paula, Marissa, Miro, Pete, Ruben, Mike, Chizzles, and Beaners was there for a little bit. We had fun. We played ride the bus and this other drinking game called "Waterfall" and Cindy had to keep drinking cause she wasn't paying attention to the game and she kept messing up (I think she was just doing that on purpose so she can have her crink on...LOL). On Saturday...I worked freakin' 10 hours! I was sooo tired! So when I got off, I just took a quick shower and met up with Pete and some of his other friends at Sam's Boat. Had a drink and watched them play pool and watched the Cowboy Scrimmage. This guy Eric made me laugh sooo hard! He was just being dumb..LOL. And then after that we went to this guy named Mando's apartment and watched Daredevil and drank...and some of them were playing dominoes. All in all, it was just a chill night. On Sunday, called in...and slept and watched movies (lazy day) and then I met up with Cindy, Paula, and Xochie at Hooters (LOL..all girls chillin' at Hooters, but we don't care)...we had some of those wangs..MmmmMmmm...and washed it down with some ice cold Smirnoff's....and then Cindy and I just went to Wally World afterwards and bought some goes my weekend! Nothing much to it, but I love my weekends...all I look forward to during the Anyway, I gave my manager at Dillard's my two week notice yesterday. And he was like, "Why?" And I lied and told him I was going back to Hey, it's only a part lie. I really am going back, just not till next semester. Anyway, I'm gonna have to call in this Saturday cause Lorena's gonna be in town and we're gonna be partying with the guys on Friday. So...I guess we'll see how that goes. I haven't seen them in months!

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