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2003-08-11 | 1:01 p.m.
<< Another Monday.... >>

Another Monday! Ugh! I feel sooo tired today. For some reason I couldn't sleep last night, so I went to bed at around could be because I took a nap in the afternoon from about 3 to 6 p.m...LOL. I was tired! I called in sick from Dillard's yesterday, and I'm putting in my 2 week notice today. I really don't like the job, anyway. If anything, I can just apply at Humperdink's or something...Hey, I didn't get my TABC Certificate for nothing! And it's good for 2 years. Anything but that snooty Dillard's. I don't like the atmosphere...and all those sales hungry people never leaving the register. Yup...2 weeks and I'm outta there. Anyway, my weekend went pretty good. I'll tell ya all about it later. For now, I gotta get back to work! :-)

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