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2003-08-08 | 2:03 p.m.
<< Don Pablos..... >>


Well, I went out for a few drinks with Pete and his friends last night at Don Pablo's. It was pretty fun. Actually, I just had ONE margarita, but those things were huge! Plus, I was driving so I didn't wanna chance it. Anyway, he walked me to my car when I was leaving and we kissed. It was nice, he has really soft lips...but I dunno. I guess I'm still iffy about trusting anybody, you know? So I still have that guard up. He calls me things like "beautiful" and stuff, but I just shrug it off and tell him that they're just lines. And he's like "Why do you think that everything I tell you is a line?!" And I tell him, "Because they are...I've heard them before."

I dunno. I guess it's just cause I've been screwed over so many times, it's really hard for me to trust anybody anymore. Joe had told me that the problem with me is that I don't trust anybody and I told him that he's damned right I don't. I guess I just don't like getting disappointed and it seems as if I always do.

Anyway, I went and dropped off the brochure for the cruise at Nelson's apt. last night after I left Don Pablo's. It's cause he called while I was having drinks and I called him back when I was in my car on my way home. And I happened to tell him about the cruise and asked if he wanted to go, cause David's giving me the run arounds and I had already saved him a spot. So I figured I need to get a replacement soon. Anyway, he said yeah...and I'm supposed to stop by there tonight and pick up the money. Man...when I went over there, he looked so yummy! He just looks good. With his pretty hazel eyes, long lashes, light skin, nice lean body...okay, I'm gettin' carried away here...LOL. boy toy...LOL. We've always had this "thing" going on for about 3 years now. On and off...but I've known him since we were in High School. And even then we used to flirt with each other. I just never took him seriously cause he's always been a player. And to tell you the truth, I think he still is to this day. That's why I made up my mind that there's no strings attached. Sometimes I feel like just blowing him off completely because I know that nothing's ever going to come out of it. But then he calls and says, "Come watch a movie with me." And I go like a little dumb ass. The thing is, he's a really good friend more than any. Of course he gets me mad sometimes, and we might stop talking for weeks..even months sometimes, but he always ends up calling me sooner or later. And I have fun with him when we're together. We play around and make fun of each other. We just have this cool, non-committed thing going on. And I feel comfortable with him. Comfortable enough to just go into his room even with all his friends there (male or female) and crash out while they're chillin' in the living room. Anyway, he's fine...but he's the type of guy you can't give your heart to, cause he'll just tear it up in little pieces. Of course, he has a really sweet side to him, too. I wouldn't be spending time with him if he didn't...but he's just too damned charming and a lot of other girls can see that...and I think he knows that, too. But all in all, I know he cares about me. We've known each other for a long time and we've always kept in touch.

Anyway, I'm at work right now (LOL) I guess I'll go ahead and get back to "work." I've rambled on for a little too long...

Till later...

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